Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Filling My Pockets

*the pair on the left are sold

I like to get out in the early hours of the morning for inspiration and walk the hills filling my senses with the scents of the native flora, the sudden glimpse of shy deer, the shimmer of the Bay Laurel. I am often serenaded by coyote song and the impressive flight of the red tail. I've been stuffing my pockets with rain and wildflowers and the glorious green of spring. I bring them out later for further examination, often they reveal themselves in my work, they always lend me peace in times of need.

I have some new pieces to show you tomorrow, I'm busy working for our spring garden show as well.

*sorry about all of you suffering rain, snow, fog, freezing, wind, hail the size of.., sleet. I like it all except the wind but I know too much is no fun.

xo Ro


  1. This picture is all about HOPE. LOVE those earrings!!!!!!

    Glad you're stuffing your pockets--and hearing the coyote's song....

  2. You are in a good place...I usually walk in the dark not knowing if I should be afraid of someone or if someone is afraid of me! Love the new creations! xoxo

  3. Very pretty. Thanks for the bright spot:)

  4. love, LOVE these earrings! so pretty Ro!

  5. Your full pockets have spilled forth something truly wonderous with these earrings! I think you finally got me hooked (excuse the pun) with these beauties... I was supposed to wait until my birthday to treat myself to something, but goshdarnit these are simply begging to be worn by me this Spring! :-)

  6. Thank you so much sweet friends xoxoxo

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  7. Ro, you said it perfectly.......glorious green of spring. I am craving all things green, and now these earrings have booted everything else out to make the top of my list !! You do a wonderful job with your stamped designs.

    I love your pretty & natural collage complete with the beautiful feather. I have a real things for(and growing collection of) heart rocks <3. (Wait! We probably ALL do.)

    Big snow coming for us on Friday. But of course.......it'll be April's Fool's Day!!


  8. Yikes Lisa it's headed for 90 tomorrow and you with snow, Caroline halfway between in a constant gray pattern, It never stops raining in the PNW spring????April Fools indeed. I've hearted heart rocks forever, some of mine, carefully collected from a beach or a special trip have migrated back into the gravel. When kids stop by they always think *they found the special rocks and I always pretend they did so some exit that way too, some leave in the US Mail :)

    Thank you Samantha June xo