Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Alleluia Day

Eric took this shot yesterday as I worked in my little tug boat. She's wet up to her knees and prefers it that way being that her cedar is from Oregon. I was serenaded by claps of thunder and was glad someone else was in the house trying to console a shivering little yorkie. My door is always open for rain.

This morning was one of those alleluia mornings where the clouds parted and the sky screamed "shake a leg"

The mountains awoke under new down comforters.

over the valley
towards the high peaks

New grottos, sacred springs spilled.....

The sound of rushing water, veins, arteries, life......

The sweet scent of sagebrush....

Sunflowers bowed deeply, grasses with exclamation mark seeds lay prone and heavy, we are all indentured to this rain.
I see my reflection in a puddle my new snipped hair curls this way and that, natures salon! My camera batteries are dead. I feel like finding a good stick and drawing for hours in the fresh clean slate I have just left the first footprints in, save the deer.
I step over a bloodied mouse and know I'm first at the crime scene and I'm sorry I scared whichever beast was about to partake. I look up and see one of the familiar hawks now taking turns on eggs tearing at a recent treat.

Studio work has been quite interrupted, work is coming slow careful and steady, after all that's how it should be, full of care, full of thought.
Another "Rising Circles" piece with a tremendous cab of local lapis will make it's way to etsy

Thank you for joining me, have a superb day filled with joy and smiles, they're contagious you know.
xo Ro and muddy Jo


  1. Ro, I completely covet your studio.
    And the hills look like our hills up here: velvet!!!


  2. The hills ARE alive, with the sound of music..with notes of water tumbling sweetly, thunder notes from the sky..these ARE some of MY favorite things!
    xo RO!

  3. Your studio is so sweet.. I want one outside also, but havn't been able to convince DB of that yet..

    It's so inspiring where you live... Spring is on its way here.. I can't wait.. I am feeling rather down, and need some sun to brighten my soul.

    Always beautiful Jewelry and photos xx

  4. Holy moly...beautiful scenery and jewelry! xoxo

  5. How breathtaking your little corner of the Earth is! Thank you so much for the photos you share- they are a lovely escape from the uber-grey Northwest:)

  6. What an inspiring place to work! And whoa..love that necklace. It reminds me a bit of my favorite book, Jonathan Livingston Seagull. :)


  7. Thank you Allison, I love it too and it's so small music sounds wonderful inside.

    Agree Deb you should hear the water sing!

    A place of your own outside the house is a dream Juli, I hope you're feeling better.

    Mona :) :) xoxo

    I'm enjoying every moment Camlo summer will come :( I know the gray can be tedious.

    Laura P? thank you, it's actually a crow from one of my photos but the cab does look like an open sea.

  8. Okay, I admit it -- I covet the studio, the new necklace, AND the music inside. What the heck, let's add in the cool bird plaque outside the door !!!! :)

    Smiles *are* contagious....your blog makes me smile all........the........time.

    I love the shape of your crow, especially the wings. The blue in the lapis looks spectacular in the photo -- I'm sure it's even more amazing in person!


    P.S. Good luck at the dentist. I'll be thinking of you.

  9. Glory, indeed. Just look at that sky--and the water!!!!

    I'm going to echo Songbird--especially for the dentist visit!!!!!!

  10. Everyone should have their own retreat outside of the house Lisa, for reading, for crafting, for music. Eric is responsible for the tile, I hope he will make more.

    I appreciate your support :) :)


    Geesh Caroline when will it stop snowing in ND? I'm reading Children's Blizzard and venturing to your prairie with the Norwegians.
    I wonder what Morgan will do when she discovers grass?
    Warm wishes xo

  11. rain or shine YOUR special place is unbelievably BEAUTIFUL...

    time for a "house&home" swap...


  12. love this blog, just love it.

  13. Aloha Rochelle! that studio is the cutest, coziest, most adorable little place, I can only imagine how it must feel to have such an inviting creative space...and to be surrounded by such amazing nature! Oh, and that Lapis is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAmazing! Beautiful necklace, thanks for sharing with us!

  14. Aargh! I just finished commenting and blogger had an error and erased what I wrote. Hmmm... maybe it's a sign from the universe to keep my thoughts more brief. :-)

    Well, basically I said that I spent my Monday much like you did, Ro. Wandering the hills in search of something marvelous and finding it at every turn. (Then I waxed poetical for awhile about all the amazing wet, green, singing, frolicking stuff out there...) I was happy to have so many beautiful things to think about because Tuesday was no fun at all -- I sure hope your trip to the dentist today was less painful than mine. (Soup for lunch AND dinner, anyone?) I too envy your little workshop and am smitten with that new necklace. (I keep thinking I will have you make a custom piece for me on my birthday, but I like so much of what you do that I'm having hard time deciding what I want most.)


  15. So beautiful!!! I long for mountains ALL the time!!! Wished I had a view like that....one day, one day....
    I thought, at first, your studio was a sauna house! It's also so very beautiful! How lovely!!
    Beautiful lapis pendant, Ro...I absolutely love that piece!!

  16. Beautiful photographs. Love how personal your blog is. I will visit often.