Monday, January 31, 2011


One of my girlfriends lives in Hawaii (Hi Sue) reads my blog and saw this pendant I made a while back. I ended up selling it to another friend and it never made it to etsy. Sue was marred on leap year and likes "froggy" things. I actually had a nearly identical stone and agreed to make one for her.
Last week was so disjointed, start and stop. Several days I made a "tool bomb" and headed off to class. I constructed most of her pendant minus the clasp.
After a full day workshop (grueling) on Saturday I sat down yesterday and finally made something wonderful. When my day was finished I decided to also finish the pendant. I looked high and low, low and high. I scoured my studio which is as neat as a Jewelry making involves a million elements that all have to be stored, beads, cabs, wire etc., etc., etc. I'm pretty organized out there though my husband would not agree. I couldn't find anything in his studio either (sticking out tongue). I probably spent two hours looking last night and more this morning. Garden, trash (yuck) recycling, his studio, mine again, his gallery Argh$#@*&#!

So I sat down and took a deep breath. You are a monk, a Zen monk I told myself breathe....I felt like a martyr waiting for the cat of nine tails. Why am I being punished, and I knew as soon as I finished a second one I'd find the first. I turned on some music and felt irritated, turned it off walked out on my deck........

looked down. Look something shining between the boards, down on my knees, there it is!!!!!

It rained the boards are swollen, I tried girl style made a fish hook with some wire, no luck.

Then I tried boy style and unscrewed the board.

Slow start to my week but feeling good, feeling much better, feeling REALLY GOOD!!!!!!

I was making a ring once with a tiny silver horseshoe element, when I hit it for the last time it flew out my door and I never found it. I imagine the mice have it hung over their door with the ends pointing up so their luck doesn't run out.

Happy week all, xo Ro

*tool bomb, you take an LLBean canvas tote and load it up with every tool you think you might need for the day, you always forget something.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Quest for Knowledge

Here's just one of the thing I like about you and that is, your quest for knowledge, learning and understanding more about the natural world .
I received this card from a gorgeous soul with a strip of yellowing paper. She had been saving it for years, I dare say I was touched to be the new owner of this sincere artifact. Here are the plural names I learned......

* a gang of elk
*a dray of squirrels
*a set of badgers
*a crash of rhinoceros
*a sounder of wild swine
*a murmuration of starlings
*an unkindness of ravens (thumbs down)
* a clowder of cats
*an earth of foxes
*an exhalation of larks
*a pitying of doves
*an ostentation of peacocks
*an army of herrings
*a smuck of jellyfish
*a business of flies
*a nest of wasps
* a flock of lice
*a peep of chickens
*a trip of goats
* a gam of whales
*a sloth of bears
* a rafter of turkeys

* naturally we are all familiar with "a murder of crows"

Did you know crows are among the most intelligent creatures on earth ?

They mate for life and mourn their dead.

If you have a chance THIS is worth your time.
(click the screen itself to pause)

Happy trails this weekend to all of you hard workers and brilliant people, xo Ro

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Let's Get Out

I've had a busy week thus far, along with jewelry instruction, we have friends visiting from Europe and family from out of state. I'm not complaining, everybody is busy, what I'm getting at is I haven't had time to walk. This morning was my "window" so I grabbed the opportunity and took an extra long walk........I thought you might like to come along.

I know some of you are experiencing heavy snowstorms and freezing temps but here our clouds have flatlined and each day is like the one before.

*His and her Red Tailed Hawks bracket the eucalyptus. they will be siting on eggs soon.

Wild cucumber strikes the pose of an opera singer :)

I feel like I'm walking at the bottom of the sea, dandelions and various star shaped weeds remind me of sea life.

How to translate into silver?
(I put it in my brain)


It feels like it's soaking into my pores.

Sun refracting on the pines, they smell like capers..... to me

A brand new tree resurrecting from a wildfire, looks obscene like a monkey hand

I play with shadow

and walk the deer trail into a tight canyon where the birds gather in great numbers.
I listened to the California Thrasher sing his heart out.

press play and LISTEN

Soon his efforts paid off.

*pay dirt :)

Cedar Waxwings in in groups carved sweet silhouettes in the bare snags.

I enjoyed the grandeur of green, and remembered how fleeting, green is here.
*Everything is fleeting, one thing you can always hang your hat on is change.

Banjo isn't the least bit interested in bird watching, she always has her smeller in a gopher hole or ?

We follow the deers well worn path.....

... which takes us up to a new ridge and vantage point in this oak woodland.

I see the first wild peony.

Banjo lords herself over her gopher kingdom, her subjects down below keep very still.

couple of bucks

Down the hill

Moon followed us like a best friend.

Body awake and alive, brain firm and ready to take on the day.

Warm regards to you in the cold, xoxo Ro and Jo

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Rings

New rings have been moved to the gallery........

Have a wonderful day all, remember this is the only one like it in the history of days.
xo Ro and Churro

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Detail Rings

Constructing "Detail Rings"..... here's how it works.

you take this....

...add a pinch of that.

pour some of this in...

add a few generous handfuls of this....

combine these carefully, one at a time....

put them in your brain give them a whir.....

SPOKEN FOR thank you!
"Sunset Peak" size 7 1/2

"Lichens" size 7 3/4
moss agate

SPOKEN FOR thank you!
"Creek bed" size 8
rutilated quartz

"Forest Floor" size 8 3/4

*SPOKEN FOR (thank you!)
"Sparrows Nest" size 9
rutilated quartz

Yup, that's how it works.....
available from my blog today, listed on etsy tomorrow.

I have a busy day including a class, If you have any questions or would like more details drop me a line via etsy convo's .

Have a beautiful day all xo, Ro