Friday, October 29, 2010

A Gift

I wanted to get you something special, something extraordinary for being so wonderful to me. I looked everywhere, hmmmmm

shoes, boots?....what size?

gloves with knitted fingers? what color?

earrings? long?

you can understand my dilemma....

I wanted to find something unique and beautiful to express my gratitude...

so, I went out a hunting with my camera....

and I brought you this;




Many Miles

The feet of the heron,
under those bamboo stems,
hold the blue body,
the great beak

above the shallows
of the pond.
Who could guess
their patience?

Sometimes the toes
shake, like worms.
What fish
could resist?

Or think of the cricket,
his green hooks
climbing the blade of grass—
or think of camel feet

like ear muffs,
striding over the sand—
or think of your own
slapping along the highway,

a long life,
many miles.
To each of us comes
the body gift.

*Mary Oliver

Wising you a wonderfilled weekend and a happy Halloween, xo Ro
* bet nobody ever gave you this before.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


The weather here has been perfect. This morning I loaded up Jo and my camera and went for a walk. I snapped a few photos and discovered I had used up my batteries so...I couldn't show you the buntings, the spiders had strung over their party. They must have stayed up late toasting because not a one was in sight. I imagined them under tiny quilts behind trap doors. The only evidence left behind were the silver streamers in the dew filled grass and a very faint scent of ale.
I came home and tried to answer mail and my computer went dead and soon I had realized, evidenced by the blinking stove clock that we had lost power. ( how do you set all those urgent blinking clocks again)
We retained power so I loaded the few photos I was able to take, pressed the button to relieve the camera of it's tiny burden and everything fritzed. I lost those pictures in the wind. They're floating around the house somewhere.
I will list the items below on etsy later today, (enough already)

*stock photo above from another hike

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gallery News

I've had a productive week. The weather was a good excuse to stay inside and craft. I'm adding a few ceramic pieces to etsy. I do love how the clay looks with silver and stones. This is a sweet tiny leaf piece using a native leaf from a hike pressed into the clay. I made a rustic bail and riveted it together and stung it on a tiny, shiny, glittery chain and two tiny citrine beads.

*both spoken for
Speaking of native, I used to have a good source for this rare California lapis but my source dried up so I use this material sparingly.

A gorgeous stone and "crows feet" stamping on this rustic "Cascade Canyon" bracelet.

I must tell you even though this bracelet is petite it took the same amount of time as the one above. I stamped this one with "chicken feed" it includes a tiny bright blue stone dotted with pyrite.

Here's my crashing wave piece again :)

I made a ring out of birch bark (ocean jasper)
*size 8.5

I made the band out of birch bark (sterling silver)

"Make a wish" I made a dandy dandelion ring. (Montana agate)
size 7


I made a beautiful shield using a gorgeous plume agate.

*spoken for
Inspired by Native American indian corn I made a "Maize" pendant.

I used a rustic Nevada turquoise and pretty agate beads wired together to make a double strand piece.

I made a silver elm leaf for the clasp.

I forgot to get a picture of this beautiful piece when the light was right. I had a dog and myself to walk.

Banjo's been busy.

If you have any questions about pricing or sizes or if you'd like to see more pictures, I love selling from my blog so either email me or drop me a convo on etsy. It saves time and we all know how precious that is. The first inquiry on a piece will have the first right of refusal.

I'm off and have a busy day which includes seeing Scout and her new mommy.

Have a lovely one xo, Ro and Jo

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


First you find a good stone

then Ed polishes it up and sends it to you
Ed actually found the stone :)

it looks like a crashing wave
green and white plume agate (creative name)


think of a design



get some tools

and some silver

solder it all together

file, sand some more

make it black with the stinky stuff
*it's okay because you get to be outside in the garden


wash and brush it
set the stone

brush and finish it some more

:) :) :)
three smiles

voila !

The back is pretty
but I forgot my makers mark so I'll make one and add it to the clasp.

*sometimes I forget that part

Thanks for reading, I'm out looking for more good stones
*not really

Dear Songbird and everyone else wondering about the size of little churro. It wont take much fabric or materials to dress him up, just a magnifier. His back is about 1.5 in. from his shoulder to his rear with about a half inch drop on the sides ( a good size postage stamp would do)

Have a lovely day, lovely peeps, xo Ro

Monday, October 25, 2010

Rainy Days

It's been raining practically non stop for a week. The paths are slick and slippery.

Poor little Churro was trying his best to haul my new jewelry but he's an Italian transport and doesn't know much about the rain.

I dried him off in my pocket and gave him a lift inside the house.

*no actual animals were harmed during the shooting of these pictures.

New jewelry headed to the gallery mid week.

Have a good day, make it count!
xo Ro

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Last night we hiked above the city in the rain. As the sun set, the sky separated on the horizon, opened just a slit to reveal the last colors of the day before that orb slid into the ocean.

All afternoon, Sir
your ambassadors have been turning
into lakes and rivers,
At first they were just clouds, just like any other.
Then they swelled and swirled; then they hung very still;
then they broke open. This is, I suppose,
just one of those common miracles,
a transformation, not a vision,
not an answer, not a proof, but I put it
there, close against my heart, where the need is, and it serves

the purpose. I go on, soaked through, my hair
slicked back;
like corn, or wheat, shining and useful.

*Clouds by Mary Oliver