Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I've been potting silver posies.....

For Debs consideration , a purple, passion flower pendant with it's pocket packed with pretty crystals and a pearl.

"The Potager" (pronounced; pot-ah-zhay) includes a pastel, powder blue, agate with French Lace, presumably, Parisian and a perfectly proportioned plant palette.

"Potager will be posted in the gallery later.

* I have a busy day planned starting with my pooches.

*Why the p-font changed? (puzzled)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blue View

I've been having a good time playing with my antique stamps.
I finished a couple of new pieces "Holy Water" includes a beautiful faceted aquamarine stone with antique stampings. "Espiritu" is a joyful statement including turquoise mined in Nevada. These will appear in the shop later today.

* I started these pieces on Sunday, can you tell?

Monday, June 28, 2010

In Search of Water

Mary and I started out at the crack of dawn up in the higher elevations in search of water.
Lovely waning Gibbons Moon.

*sometimes the full moon can evoke unsettled feelings, goodbye full moon :)

Delphinium Cardinale stands four to five feet tall. You may grow the purple and blue cousin in your garden. Here's the wild one.

Our lovely native campanula, California Blue Bells, still blooming up high.

gorgeous yucca
*this year has been an exceptional year for the yucca sometimes referred to as "Our Lord's Candle" each seems to have it's own personality and distinguishing characteristics. This one has weeping branches. At about twenty feet tall they don't go unnoticed , the scent is heavenly. (in the lilly family)

chia, still blooming

native dicentra , upside down bleeding hearts



Off in the distance I see the double crosses marking the cut for the waterfall. Somebody would have to show you otherwise you'd never guess it was here along this dusty trail.

We're in a deep rock crevice impossible to photograph. We feel dwarfed incased in these walls of granite.

The double crosses in sunlight look like a giant petroglyph.

lushness signals water




we head up the dark wash


Way back, hidden from sight, clambering through the bushes, we arrive.

wonderful wet!

Mary, for scale. (scale she's not for sale)
Though it's tempting to spend the day here...........


Wow the color combination, I think of Barbie (I really didn't want to think of Barbie) (but I did)

The poppies were asleep when we arrived now open in the sun.


Sorry about too many yucca shots, I love them!

Snake was here....

The things you can see and still be home by 9 am. Ain't life grand?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Let Summer Begin

Exhibit A~ tomato thief, grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010


Those of you that have been following my blog have watched the red tail hawks on one of my favorite and well worn trails along with me. We saw the female sitting on eggs and we looked at the tiny babies still with pin feathers in the nest. I decided to go up this morning and see how things were progressing.

*the sky at dawn

You may not see them at first but you will certainly hear them. They have a relentless off key cry like a rusted gate hinge being vigorously moved back and forth.

This is about as good as it gets in the cloud department. Summers are long and dry.

There are two hawklings and they cry back and forth. Any mother would be proud of this handsome adolescent.

The early light always looks so strange.

Their flight is shaky and it's fun to watch them practice.

annoyed :)

he's off

I climb out of the lower canyon and into the harsh sunlight. The firecracker penstemon beckons the hummingbirds. You can hear the their wings thread through the air all around.

Speaking of firecrackers, they're illegal here. Can you guess why? Our dear landscape is a tinderbox and all summer we keep our fingers crossed.

The beautiful Mariposa lilly is like a grave flower for the dead grasses.

My batteries died. Sometimes they're like the gas light in the car and you can get a few more shots but today it meant business. I watches a kestrel pair hunt over a dry meadow. They beat there wings and hang in the air like a dragonfly. I walked a couple more miles collecting feathers from the molting hawks.

I hope you have a lovely day.
Thanks for joining me along this trail.

xo, ro & jo

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I took a lovely hike (see below) and it inspired me to make these pieces. I will be listing them as time allows. Thank you so much for stopping by!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Beacon Rings

I've been having a good time constructing these wide banded beauties.

The patterned bands and proportions of these rings are sublime. The bands are wide but tapered for comfort.
A sparkling blue topaz with a high dome, features a bubbly band and a coin pearl with a lovely luster represents a full moon, the band a summer night sky.

*Look for these in the shop today.

If you want me I'll be in my studio :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hiking Journal * June 21 2010

Are you ready for a long hike? You can quit anytime. I went on an early morning hike with my friends Annie and Mary and our two hour hike turned into four hours. We can really wile away the hours, consultin' with the flowers, confurrin' with the bees.

*an unfurling yucca

Starting in the early chill

Dodder or "witches hair" is a strangling fungus that makes a lovely natural yellow dye.

A friend of mine lovingly built this storybook home out of the ruins of previous rock work. The roof is made from leftover remnants. It just might be the sweetest home on the planet.

Blogger's being a poop and won't let me write under the dandy stars :( that were in a pool of light.

The bluest of skies above, no sun yet.

I can't get enough, these are the size of tennis balls, make a wish!

beautiful encelia, in the sunflower family

It's so much fun to have friends who share the same interests. We discovered new and interesting plants and insects. Together we, WOWED about a million times.

Dr, Seuess wasn't making this stuff up!
*seed heads of the clematis

Early light causes the dried grass to glow.

postcard shot

If you grow bleeding hearts you will be interested in this Ca. native. This is "golden ear drops" in the same dicentra family. The flowers look just like red bleeding hearts turned upside down.

spittle beetle

Clouds still shroud our valley below.

Ceanothus berries

yucca light stick

dudlea (not a dud)

The cactus wren (rare) I could not find it's flitting little self in my camera. (look to the left)

pretty outcroppings


Lupine Blue


Banjo out front and headed to Cascade Canyon where the lapis is found. (look her tail looks like a messy solder joint)

lovely light

glorious grasses

Annie models with her burnt out yucca bonnet

Chinese Houses Flower, sporting amazing leaves

We made it to Stoddard Flats

I was there (strange photo with my sweatshirt over my shoulder)
*why the umbrellas? I always carry one in my pack. In the early morning light the sun is so low a hat doesn't help. Annie and I have carried one for years. It's also great to photograph under. It has also come in handy for sudden rain or hail. I strongly suggest it as a perfect hiking accessory.

native Rock Rose (thanks for the i.d. Annie, I thought it was a zinnia)

What a beautiful rock! Mary tries it out for a BIG ring!

Wooly Blue Curls, none of us had ever seen it in the wild!!!!


so much to see and inspect

This was the BIG thrill!!!!! WOW!!!!!

Never before had any of us seen this amazing dragonfly. It's body was about 5 inches long and it looked like a black hawk helicopter when it flew.

My field guide tells me it's a Western Flying Adder. The length and stripes do make it look very snakey.

The scent was heavenly.

so much to see


We came across a group of rock hounds. This lady was finding rubies, she showed me but even though she tried pointing them out ????

If you made it to the end, thank you for joining us along the trail!!!
* I should get an award for the longest blog today.

I'm wishing you all a beautiful day.
xo, Ro