Saturday, February 27, 2010

I received an e mail from a friend this morning and it was so lovely I wanted to share it with you.

Thank you D !

Opera In the Market

Wow! This had to be fun !!! Takes a little over six minutes but be sure to watch to the end, and if you're like me, you'll choke up with joy and appreciation !!! One of those moments when our common "humanness" shines through. Opera at its very best

Last month at the central market in Valencia , Spain , opera singers disguised as shopkeepers were selling produce at the various stalls. Suddenly, Verdi's La Traviata starts playing over the loudspeaker and they burst into song. None of the shoppers has a clue what's going on. Sort of like candid camera, but completely charming.


Friday, February 26, 2010

My son has started a painting of his pal Jo. I'll show you how it turns out. Nice start though.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Off The Bench

Each time I make earrings I wish I had made more but I did complete two pair of "Swift Water Green Grass" earrings to honor my morning hike. The lovely green rondelle bead is chrysoprase. Swingy and pretty with a little of natures grit infused in each one.

This is a completed custom order. A bit of the shore at "Low Tide" These little fossils are such a unique pleasure to work with. I love them.

I've been sitting with this pair of stones waiting for the right motivation to put them together. We have the sweetest fried that's as busy as the rest of us. Out of the blue she will send a little packet of love. She did just that including this sweet poem. I went right out and built "Deer Heart" Thank you Katie for the gentle push!
(click the picture and read)

Deer heart in the morning....

backside for "Songbird" ; )

A sweet something for all of you in the cold and gray. Spring is queuing up, it really is. This is a little collage pendant. Each flower and element was made by me.

A sweet prehnite dew drop languishes below a trio of blooms on latticework. The chain is actually two different types of chain and handmade rings formed into leaf shapes.

Thank you for looking. Available in my etsy shop today.

Getting Down To Brass Tacks

I really got this after Thai food the other night. We were in a large group and this is the one I chose. I keep it in my wallet. I think I should have it laminated. Fortune cookies used to come only with Chinese food, as I recall. The lines have become blurred on that tradition and now they seem to be served up with the check at every asian restaurant. I'm not complaining, merely observing.

I'm getting down to brass tacks today. I work one day a week away from home, which always makes me feel a little behind, though I did come home last night and spend several hours in my studio. I will have new jewelry later today.

*Padua Hills pendant was sold from my studio, that's why it never appeared on etsy

*interesting fact

Getting Down To Brass Tacks

"Getting down to brass tacks" means getting serious. Years ago millinery stores had brass tacks set in their counters every 6 inches. Tailors would come in and look over the fabric picking up bolts that they liked, but they weren’t serious until they "got down to brass tacks" and measured out the amount they needed and intenede to purchase.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Feel Good Story

Not last Christmas but the one before Eric and I were preparing for our studio show. We took a break and went outside to relax. While looking out our back gate Eric spotted a large form under the sumac, in the field that surrounds our home. It appeared to be a giant, lifeless dog. This field is fenced and gated, so far the only animals have been coyotes, that easily jump in. We yelled and clapped and still no signs of life. I thought he was dead or mortally wounded. I called the local shelter to haul away the body. Several hours later I looked out and there he was standing on a berm. It was then that I could assess his condition, he was emaciated a terrified. This is a giant dog of the pit bull persuasion and now he was locked in and couldn't get out. We set up a feeding station and by the third day he would see me out there and come to me. It took about a week to put our hands on him and and watch this big boy melt. I wrote an article about him, which our local paper published. I got a ton of response from people that recognized my name and offered dog beds, blankets and money, people are good I tell you. The best call was the one from a sweet lady that wanted to adopt him.He went home with them and climbed into their hearts.
Last Christmas the doorbell rang and there they were, thanking us for "Samson" the best dog they've ever owned.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Remember our string of storms ? One day of rain! The best part about being a skeptic is there are only good surprises and the let downs are easy.

I grab my hat, dog, camera, and hiking pouch and head out.....
yellow phacelia. I was looking in a book called "weeds"and there she was. I call my native garden my weed garden. One mans weed is another's wildflower.

Sycamore budding out. I think it was naked for one month.

There he is, proud, beautiful, ............ annoyed :)

There she is, bashful, curious

I love when the little birds sit with them, a common sight

My hands are cold and though the sun is bright I can see my breath. (Caroline is laughing) I remember in my pouch I have stowed beautiful gloves, finely crafted with Italian yarn sent to me from Marie. Wow, I feel so lucky all the time, to sit with you and and to be able to call you all the other "F" word, friend!

Willow tufts float lazily on the early breeze

mule dear browse the scrub


The giant looms

The sumac looks rich, fresh

Enjoy your day! Spread some love........

Thanks for hitting the trail with me....f riends!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Productive Day

This is a painting from the 50's Eric's father executed. It's going to a show, in the meantime it's in our living room. Eric tells me it doesn't have an "E" in the middle of it......hmmmmmm, see it?

In the diminishing light I was able to get a few shots. Little sweet montana agate ring. In an antique frame.

Remember garden glory shot the other day?

Here is Padua Hills and the olive trees.

A grand "Ocean Floor" ring with a gorgeous rhodonite stone. These will be in the shop tomorrow.

Morning Shot

I'm working on jewelry and so is the broccoli. I took this shot this morning in my nightgown :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ohhh The Light

We found ourselves between storms yesterday. It was blustery and beautiful.

We took a walk at the end of the day an area called Padua Hills. There's a lot of history here. One thing that stands out are the olive trees which were planted by one of the early land owners. They blend in with the native chaparral and have burned to the ground several times. They grow from charred rootstock. They look very at home here with the silvery undersides.

Pearly everlasting, citrus scent

The wind changed the cloud formations every few minutes.


I'm crafting this with a morrosonite


riding the breezes

Olive trees blow around the snag

what a color combo

crowns of glory

looks like barbed wire


the valley floor and beyond..... cloud ceiling
won't stay green long

miners lettuce blooms.

the pea grasps

We play with Banjo (she tries to ignore us and keep her dignity)

Ha haaa
Back home now, rain slated for a week, I don't believe it, but I hope......

Friday, February 19, 2010

green grass, gray sky

Were slated for rain and a lot of it.... yipeeeee!!!!!!

It's rather dark out. The buck is shedding.

white sage hangs from a cliff

ribbons dotted with dew

chest high (I'm short)

castle flag

seed heads already........everything is attention

color and texture, a lovely salad

skeletal pine boughs beg for rain

Tim Burton

The spiders heart you.

Drippy with the meadow view......
I took my morning pill of joy and I'm planning to hunker in my studio and infuse it in my work.
It's Friday, have a wonderful weekend my friends.