Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Feeling Broochie

I've been working on brooches along with a host other projects which I'll show you tomorrow. I just had to show you these pieces before some of them disperse. We all love to look at beautiful stones, right.
The top brooch is a commissioned piece and a beautiful stone from Lost Sierra on etsy. It doesn't take much to showcase a gorgeous stone such as this.

The second stone, an amazing panorama of the desert, a stone from my collection chosen last summer by a visitor from Japan. It's an old stone from a now extinct mine, the cut is extraordinary and will serve as a reminder of the time this dear woman lived here in the west and visited the desert, grand canyon etc. , it has a long trek ahead.

*this brooch has been spoken for
The third piece will be offered on etsy, a gorgeous plume agate with a superb polish and a clear view of an under the sea garden.

*Toyon is spoken for
The last brooch is another Toyon composition. The hills are full of the winter berries right now and so is my work. A serene mookaite stone makes a perfect accent to my hand made silver leaves berries and branches.

Have a wonderful day all, thanks for visiting, xo, Ro

Monday, November 29, 2010

Cleaning Jewelry the Erma Bombeck Way

Some of you may be too young to know just who Erma Bombeck was. She was a newspaper columnist and an author but mostly she was a housewife that didn't take herself too seriously. Her bestselling book was titled "The Grass Is Always Greener Over The Septic Tank" My mother adored her, she seemed like someone you could invite over for coffee and not worry about the dirty dishes in the sink.

I was headed out the door the other day and I grabbed a pair of earrings out of a bowl that had become a bit grungy from sitting. I put some toothpaste on my dry hand and simply rubbed the earrings between my fingers scrubbing with the paste, rinsed them with warm water and dried them with the handy hand towel. Now I was good to go, no blackened ear holes (I dislike that) I have all kinds of cleaners and tools in my studio but this is the method I often defer to. Hey everybody's busy I hope this helps.

xo Ro

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Inner History of a Day

No one knew the name of this day;
Born quietly from deepest night,
It hid its face in light,
Demanded nothing for itself,
Opened out to offer each of us

A field of brightness that traveled ahead,
Providing in time, ground to hold our footsteps
And the light of thought to show the way.
The mind of the day draws no attention;
It dwells within the silence with elegance

To create a space for all our words,
Drawing us to listen inward and outward.
We seldom notice how each day is a holy place
Where the eucharist of the ordinary happens,

Transforming our broken fragments
Into an eternal continuity that keeps us.
Somewhere in us a dignity presides
That is more gracious than the smallness

That fuels us with fear and force,
A dignity that trusts the form a day takes.
So at the end of this day, we give thanks
For being betrothed to the unknown

And for the secret work
Through which the mind of the day
And wisdom of the soul become one.

*One of my favorite poems by, John O’Donohue
Have a beautiful day, xo, Ro

Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas Season

Good day after Thanksgiving everybody. It seems like the Christmas season is officially here. We're having postcard weather today, we should have a Rose Bowl or something :) I planned to hike this morning, that was my goal before I went to bed. I want to hunt for the kite but I was slow getting out of the starting gate, sometimes you just have to accept your limitations and this morning was one of those times. We enjoyed our Thanksgiving down at the beach, arriving just in time to watch the sun sink into the abyss. We had a lovely full day and late to bed, late for me anyways.

...around the garden, one hanger-oner.....

The raven I cut out of wood several years ago he keeps an eye on my studio.

We all have seemed to jumped on the same page again, families can be like that you know.
* eucalyptus green seemed to be the theme

new cuffs for the gallery (sharp light)

*spoken for
One raven feather, medium wrist

*spoken for
One sweet little green hillside ring with wispy clouds.
*size 7.5

I loved this picture and Eric's "squash" pot.

*spoken for
A small and sincere turquoise cuff. I was able to obtain smaller turquoise cabs from the man that has literally everything, all of his turquoise is American bred.

*spoken for
I made an owl feather cuff for a small wrist size.
*fyi; When I craft my feathers I generally copy a real feather by making a scaled down drawing from a feather I've collected.

Bryce completed a wonderful owl painting. Being a self subscribed night owl, he's been up late at night working. His goal is to make a painting a day, or in his case a night.

I'm working on a few new projects and will post this new work later today along with anything else I'm able to finish.. If you have any questions about sizes or pricing it's best to contact me through etsy convo's. I try to check emails but sometimes with all of these accounts frankly it feels like a leaky bucket.

Have a lovely day all, xo Ro

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Because you're so good to us

I found these on the wall the other day so I peeled them off and put them in my pocket.

Here I saved one for each and every one of you. Put it in your pocket and remember me and how thankful I am for you.

I added a few new pieces to my shop to expedite things this week and hope to have more completed work to put up on Friday, meanwhile please have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving with family and friends.

Love Ro and company.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Such Beauty

I started out early today and into a morning chill. I know you in the colder parts of the globe may think that is a funny statement but the temps have dropped to the high 30's here, if it goes much lower I may have to put blankets over my citrus trees.
I love this cold weather though I couldn't feel my fingers even with polar fleece gloves.

When cold, find a steep hill and walk up fast.

Oh look who was still out...

Banjo look behind you.


*banjo is not impressed and hunts for gopher

There was a brief rainbow cloud. I looked it up once, guess what it's called? It's called a rainbow cloud, really. There's moisture in that cloud!

The lovely Toyon and the reason for the name "Hollywood" being misidentified not a holly, but fabulous :)


The sun came out and the wind kicked up.
I was thrilled I saw a Kite, a fantastic bird of prey. I tried to snap a picture but I was daydreaming and by the time I aimed my camera I didn't realize the lens cap was stuck. I wouldn't have gotten a good shot but I wanted confirmation. I saw it again and it was one just as I had thought. I hope it hangs around it really puts on a show. One year we had three that hung around for months so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
* I do get excited about these things :)

brown on brown

Banjo watches

Bird brains
Bryce finished an absolutely gorgeous little painting of a Coopers Hawk, the fierce bird stealer,fighter jet of the raptors and I have been making silver feathers.

Have a wonderful day, more rain is on the way here and I'm always happy about that.

be happy
stay warm
smile at a stranger
hug your family
pat the dog

Love Ro & JO

Monday, November 22, 2010

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better.... I'm glad I washed that window over the sink.

Last night the full moon peeked in and out from behind the clouds.

More importantly Both Bryce and I want to thank you for the warm and generous welcome. Those hearts and even a few purchases mean the world to a starving artist. Bryce is off to school this morning and headed for the art supply store afterwards. The Darrow household remains a bustling place, santa's work shop if you will.
Thank you all of you for touching our lives with your extraordinary support and friendship.
Marty and Banjo want to say hi too (hams) Penny gets to go home today but she likes it here.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Love the Rain

We are experiencing a string of storms and it's been raining pretty much non stop the last two days and evenings.....

Last night the rain spoke to me
slowly, saying,

what joy
to come falling
out of a brisk cloud,
to be happy again

in a new way
on the Earth!

*excerpt Mary Oliver

It cleared momentarily this morning reveling snow in the higher elevations.
*view washing dishes :)

over my studio, palm trees and snow

Rain affords a nice opportunity to stay inside and build tiny boxes.

The boxes become earrings

There's a new shop on etsy it's called brycedarrow . We stayed up late last night getting things together. If you have a moment please take a look. Bryce (my son) will be adding more work but we got pretty far in one night.

*Bryce doesn't like the girly shots I like to take of his work (above) :)

Marty's girlfriend "Penny" is visiting and follows me like a shadow darting in and out of doors like a trout in order to be with me. This shot was hard for her as you can tell by the stress on her face , she wants to stay with me but she'd rather stay out of the rain, what's a little dog to do?

Love ya, love the rain, Ro

Friday, November 19, 2010

May the force be with you

In the garden under the peach tree paper whites are showing their sweet little faces.....

.....which reminded me it was time to force a few inside. Forcing is a garden term that means to cause plants to respond earlier than the desired bloom date. For all of you living in cold climates narcissus, jonquils, daffodils or paper whites would be an early spring plant along with a host of other bulbs, that's why this is a perfect project for you.

This is a good use for your old jars or new ones (spaghetti sauce jars work well), old vases etc.

I like a little collection of them standing on top their zinc lids.

Buy a few paper white bulbs ( I grow "Ziva") but there are several other varieties.

* select fat juicy bulbs, (they should be firm to the touch, not spongy, give them a little squeeze) place about three inches of rinsed gravel at the bottom of a clean jar, fit the bulb down in the middle, pointy side up. add water to a level just to reach the root crown. If you keep the water level too high the bulb may rot.

I keep them on the sill above the kitchen sink, after three days they have already put out roots and are drinking the water. They don't need a lot of sun, these are in a northern exposure.

There are many ways to force bulbs, if you have a larger jar you can add several bulbs, or it can be done in a shallow dish however the collar of the jar will support the tall stems from toppling and I love the simplicity of design.

*Ziva are highly fragrant, once bloomed the entire house will be perfumed. I like the scent of paper whites but if you don't there are other varieties that aren't so highly scented.

*cost for this project, under $3.00 :)

Have a wonderful weekend lovely people, may the force be with you.
Love R0

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Good Intentions

life is a garden,
not a road

we enter and exit
through the same gate

where we go matters less
than what we notice

~ Bokonon

It was my intention this last work period (wed to wed) to make a large body of work. Sometimes things surrounding you just won't allow it. This week the house is not cooperating and it's hard to stay focused with plumbers and the like darting in and out. At some point I just have to surrender and say this is the best I could do and stay sane all the while.

I will keep adding my "Tiny Intention" pendants to the shop, they make wonderful as well as meaningful gifts and I will be making these available at my, show here as well.

*Winter, spoken for
I was able to complete three "collection" pendants. Fill your pockets with "Sage" including an impression of the real plant in high fired clay, a handmade copper laurel leaf and a sage colored pebble."Pods" including an interesting agatized, volcanic mud stone in a sterling setting, a hand formed pod in clay and a hill tribe silver caper which I sawed apart and reworked :) lastly but not leastly I made "Winter" with a tiny snow scene agate, a red coral bead and a snowflake element I made from scratch.

*spoken for
A "Ceanothis" or California lilac leaf is suspended by a sterling element I fabricated and imprinted with a feather I found while hiking.

The chain is a mix of two chains dotted with seed pearls and landscape jasper beads the color of lentils hold the pendant securely.

These are available now through my blog (send an email or etsy convo for more information, to hold or prices)or on etsy tomorrow.

Thanks for dropping by to look, I hope you have a wonderful productive day.
I intend to, scatter joy, xo, Ro