Friday, April 30, 2010

Have a wonderfilled weekend!

slow and steady

I'm hunkered in. New work coming Monday....

Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's been a good year for the roses......

Yesterday my back said " enough about you, what about me?" so no hiking for me today it was time to hit the yoga mat. I plan to do a little yoga everyday to stay stretched and aligned.

The roses are in full bloom and have never looked better. We have been blessed with rain and cool weather. If your not a garden lover you don't need to stay around but, WOW! Everting is so brief better notice before it's gone.





Fraises des bois Alpine Strawberries for breakfast.....

Hey did you see our friend last night ?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rising Circles

Surely, you too have longed for this --
to pour yourself out
on the rising circles of the air
to ride, unthinking,
on the flesh of emptiness.

Can you claim, in your civilized life,
that you have never leaned toward
the headlong dive, the snap of bones,
the chance to be so terrible,
so free from evil, beyond choice?

The air that they are riding
is the same breath as your own.
How could you not remember?
That same swift stillness binds
your cells in balance, rushes
through the pulsing circles of your blood.

Each breath proclaims it --
the flash of feathers, the chance to rest
on such a muscled quietness,
to be in that fierce presence,
wholly wind, wholly wild.
~ Lynn Ungar ~

(Blessing the Bread)

Monday, April 26, 2010

New Jewels

I had a busy weekend, aside from forming a new girl group, and galavanting up in the hills, I cooked and cleaned. I created a summer sky with an exceptional piece of faceted aquamarine. I made a pair of peacock feathers for a peahen. I created the striations on the canyon walls. I planted a sweet pair of carnelian blooms and I visited Taos.

These will be up in the gallery by the end of the day.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Textures of the Day






.............running fast, sinking deep

..............the best spots



Fill up with the beauty that surrounds you. Happy weekend..............

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Beat

I am a member of the non sleepers club. Getting up early is no big feat for me because I was probably awake anyways. When sleep does decide to pay a visit I try to take advantage, such was this morning. I plan to hike this evening. I guess some would consider 7 a.m. early but for me it's past the "glory" hour so I will start out to the studio first thing. I have such a wonderful view from my bench I thought you might enjoy a peek.

This was so pretty I thought I'd snap the espaliered fig with it's billowing wildflower skit.
Before I decided to become a jewelry designer, full time I thought I might like to work as a landscape designer. I really love designing gardens but getting out the grid paper and sitting down with a homeowner was not my cup of tea. I know what I want and I know what I like, they don't. I'm glad I gave it a try if not to confirm just what I know I "never" want to do.

In the meantime I play the drums when nobody is home :)..........

Thursday, April 22, 2010

This Day

A storm from Alaska blew in yesterday and what a delight! It rained and snowed heavily in the higher elevations. The deer were sprouting this morning... (uneven)

This one, is a bit more symmetrical. It's hard to hide with that on your head.

Foxtail grass drinking it in, sparkling

Early view

sipping, grasping
first sun on top

mosses and lichens rejoice

the burdened willows show their silvery undersides

Happy 40th Earth Day

Clouds chug their way to the coast

"Who" is this catching a nap amongst the sunflowers?

What an expression

It's chilly, the wind has kicked up, the clouds are blowing in. I have a rose in my cheek, sage scented jeans and a spring in my step and I'm ready for this day.

I've been as busy as a dozen orchard bees. I worked my weekly job yesterday then came home and worked in my studio for a ridiculous amount of hours. Some of these are orders and I will add some to etsy.

My son and a friend had their own plans for the house last night and his craft can get pretty loud. I still have a drum set in my living room, YIKES!

Have a good day y'all!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Mt Eyjafjallajökull (west coast version) I took this on the day with the coyotes. Hey this is Hollywood!

*no mountains were harmed during the shooting of this picture :)

Have a great day every body.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I know things at the gallery have been a little sleepy lately but with our garden show just around the corner, believe me I've been working my armadillos off!

Monday, April 19, 2010

The other community

I wanted to see if the hawks were still on the egg(s) I hiked up to the tree but the light and the camouflage make it impossible to detect just what is happening way up there. My spotting scope is broken but with my camera lens I could see her and was glad all seemed as it should be. (look closely) I hope a screaming hawk baby will hatch. As I look, I feel "that" feeling and turn around only to find I am not the only one looking.

Slim, scant and rangy, there are two of them and I've split them up with my presence.

interesting crossover confirmation...

Freshly waxed ladybug "roombas"the yarrow.

Beauty, simplicity

I heart....

The beautiful clematis scrambles up a "host". I'm finally close enough to enjoy the sweet scent.

Bird song echos off the canyon walls. The sumac and it's glory cloud.

I will be in my studio today enjoying the lizard show.
Here is a female Western Fence Lizard (boring name, is that the best they could do?)

This time of year the boys put on quite a show, changing from brown to electric blue and green, looking for willing females, challenging and fighting with other males.

They run in and out of my studio and line my garden like sea lions on the shore. They have become so used to me charging in and out of my workspace they hardly move.


I'm adding a couple of simple beauties to my shop. I like small precious things and fine detail. Sometimes I want to be underwhelmed and wallow in the absolute beauty of the stone. The leopard skin jasper is a knock out with beautiful patterns and fine detail. "Lichens" is in the shop.

The other is an agatized coral sporting one blooming "Strawflower" it will be available right "here"

Have a super...b day!
XxxxxxXXxxxxxxxxxx....... ro