Sunday, January 31, 2010


Moon rising last night!

Beautiful through the bare sycamores

Wolf Moon


I'm trying to get more work in my shop. I went back to Arizona for more stones and the next day to Pasadena to take in some art at the Pasadena Museum of California Art. I spent the entire day yesterday finish up and starting new projects.
This is a custom order fashioned after my "Low Tide" ring. I love these fossilized sand dollars.

The chain is secured by a little kelp I found on the shore line. It's fun to scour the beach after a big storm.

I've been working on this piece for some time. Since I'm a plant person this wonderful spiderweb jasper reminded me of a "Root System"

I acquired several really nice picture jaspers from a lapidary artist who lives in Idaho. "View Through The Trees" is a sweet ring in a serene setting. Coming soon..........

This is a shot Eric took while I was away in the desert. The moon underlined!

Love You!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wonky Walk

This mornings walk offered so much promise. The moon was still out (sinking fast) beautiful.

Five minutes after I started up my hill my right sock had a different agenda. It decided to go with the pull of gravity and slide back down the mountain. Oh misery! It stayed in the bridge of my arch for the entire walk. So I shot this out of focus picture of the lavender four o'clock.

And a grainy long shot of the jay

It was moist and cold. The grasses dotted with dew and of course Banjo, grrrrrrr! The coyotes sounded like they were at an amusement park down the hill. I listened to their varied voices and individual styles til the whole thing bound together in a chorus that sounded like a car alarm. I made it to the top of the hill and instead of turning and continuing the loop I turned around, never catching up to my sock. My mind barely wandered from right foot, right foot, right foot. I hope the day unfolds a little more smoothly. I'm wearing clogs, no socks!

Oh I finished some earrings yesterday.....

This pair features howlite that looked like fractured ice but after I finished them they just looked like Eric's raku work. Matchy patchy, that's us. Pretty, go with everything.

A pretty pair of morgan hill poppy jasper drops, with silver poppies.
In the shop later. I'm finishing up partially completed projects.

Have a smooth weekend everybody. Spread your love around.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Drum Roll Please













Thank you so much for visiting and participating. Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Getting To Know You

One of the things that has been the most fun about selling my jewelry on line is getting to meet such a diverse group of people. People from all walks of life. Women with all different kinds of professions and interests. The thread that weaves us together in a group is our common love of jewelry and stone collecting. Some of you already know Caroline from her lively blog comments. Caroline writes a column for her local newspaper and recently wrote an article on turquoise jewelry press "Fresh Eyes" to read it.

I love turquoise and have a large collection. I also wear a lot of brooches. Brooches look fantastic on scarves and sweaters, shawls and lapels. This lovely little brooch has been in the shop for far long. So I'm going to give her to you. She has her wings spread and she needs to fly.

This is an old copy of R. T. Petersons field guide. The grandfather to all birding guides. This book was first published in 1934. Inside the cover is the name of the original owner and the year the book was purchased. Whoever comes closest to guessing that date will receive this brooch in the mail.
Good luck, the date will be revealed Friday evening.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Studio Fruit

Fruit of my labor: A fossilized sand dollar ring set on a sea shore.

"Rebirth" Things are sprouting starting to bloom.

" I Knew You Were Coming So I Baked a Cake" Customer supplied sonora sunrise stone. Big chunk of beauty.
In the shop soon.

Up and Out

Remember how I told you I would never get a shot of the flicker? This is a lucky shot and very characteristic. When you see the flickers all you see s a beautiful flash of copper. ( hence their name)
These burnt snags are a feast for bird watching in the early morning.

My new river ring. See how Banjo jumps in the shot :)

My new buddy

******* :)

Hike up and out of the wet


acid washed, color not enhanced

The first currants now wear their flowery crowns

Scrub oak with its open caps, upturned, makes me think it's begging for more.

Color, texture.......good garden sense.

growth, renewal

Banjo has her own agenda, snuffling fresh gopher mounds.

In my own garden, snowbells

paperwhites..........leave outside makes the house smell like cat pee :)

I've been collecting the last acorns of the season for a fellow crafter. These wonderful collections are so perfectly displayed on Eric's trays.

I'm working on some cool things I started yesterday. I'll show you later.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pearls My Way

I worked with pearls yesterday.

Sweet, feminine, bezel set pearls. These rings still keep in mind your rustic spirit. Dirtied up a bit with the oxidation process, then scuffed. The bands are faceted with my hammers and left shiny. In the shop today.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Storm Headed Your Way

The storm cleared last night. To some, it's headed your way. Enjoy the ride!
We had pink mountains this morning.

There was water in them hills.

Newly filled arroyos and creeks.

The sounds of moving water, rushing, gurgling. My new hiking companion. Moving downhill in every crack and crevice.

Diamonds on the sages.



Toad and frog bubble bath

Ornaments in the trees

Chorus frog now has something to sing about.

Jump across the water, hike in wet boots.

Snow through the chemise

Hills, mountains, valley, desert on the other side.

Hungry redtail has been grounded for a week.

Girl & dog


Through the weeds

native mosaic

frolicking ravens

Layers, textures

stairway to heaven

eucalyptus exfoliating

Burnt euc rebounds.......

and is now festooned


Everybody is hungry, hunting

Banjo watches the cat.

That is precisely when my batteries went dead.
A coyote entered the scene. The dog and the cat looked each other and decided to mind their own business.

We headed across and back down. The sun was too bright. I opened my parasol (nylon umbrella which I always carry in my hiking pouch that folds down to the size of a breadstick.) Unburdened with the camera. We enjoyed a close up view of a curious coyote. Listened to the breeze as it blew the morning silt from my brain. The jingling of my pockets filled with the morning memories and a few tiny acorns gathered for a friend.
Have a wonderful day all.

For songbird; my favorite trail is a three minute drive from my house. Preferring to be out of the concrete and into the dirt. I take my truck. Million dollar houses abut the hills and we are only thosadares. People that live in million dollar houses are rarely seen outside. They prefer the views from the inside out :)