Monday, November 30, 2009


I have a busy day ahead. First I went here........

And here.........

And here...............

I saw her..........

Then I'm going here............

and here..............

And here...................
I hope you all have a good day wherever you go.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


I started on earrings and put together a few for etsy. I'm like a hummingbird when It comes to earrings. It would be more productive to choose one design and reproduce it. I just don't like to work that way. I get bored quickly.

So this is the group. I will photo and list as time allows. They range in price from 25.00 to 40.00
The studio looks inviting in this light. Look at the snow on the mountain.

It's beautiful this morning. The storm has cleared (come back) the breeze is kicking up.

Last night my son Bryce showed me a site called TED. I know you guys are so cool you already know about it but I was astonished when I saw this so I wanted to share it. It go's on for a while so grab a coffee or tea. Click "Theo" Make sure you press full screen in the top right corner of the video.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Come On

Roll up your pant legs, let's go.....
We had an early morning downpour and the higher elevations got a dusting of snow.

Everything smelled wonderful. Natures pot pourri. As I walk I like to ask myself to describe the scent. (mint,earth,cherry cough drops,capers,mums) something like that.

The yellow ribes with her first buds.

Sumac drops in a line.





Looks warm and cozy like a brown dog.

Plumey, Sumey

Muck (pretty)

**** star resort (admission free)

Sage in the foreground.

Euke bark shedding. Reptile tree, peels away the burn and dead. Wonderful color texture.

Whiling away the hours. Wandering.

Enjoying the views

Toyon. This is how Hollywood was named. Really, heres a quick " NOTE" .

Beams the valley floor


The cactus washed clean

Love this pattern

You might be wearing/eating this... "Cochinella."
Take off your shoes before coming inside. It was fun thanks for joining me.

Friday, November 27, 2009


I bet many of you are recovering from a day of cooking cleaning visiting. I know I am. I thought I'd share a bit of our day yesterday down in Laguna Beach.
We arrive at Eric's fathers rustic little beach cottage on the hill. The houses are packed in with a shoe horn. When these were first built the cars were smaller and these cottages were visited as weekend retreats. Everything is built out now. The surrounding houses consume most of the lots and there isn't a space to park in sight. You hear murmuring and clinking glasses people are out on their balconies for cocktails.

Inside is Paul's personal expression. Paul is a "real" artist in his mid 80's now he still retreats to his studio and works mainly on collages. His house is an interesting mix of his own art and collections of funny, funky and interesting objects.

We arrived as the sun was setting. This is a shot of the sun going down behind Catalina Island. View from Pauls deck.
26 miles across the sea Catalina Island is waiting for me.

Eric and Bryce outside waiting for the rest of the family to arrive.

A newer collage. Crushed cars reworked and reproduced.

This was one of my favorites and I've forgotten now what it was titled. I like the organic shapes and color.

So the sun set and the party began, food, family and friends. A good day was had by all. We were thankful for bountiful good things in our lives. It's nice to stop and formalize things sometimes.
Yesterdays trail was at the coast. Thanks for joining me.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Pendants n Such

I was able to finish all my projects by the end of the day yesterday an snap a couple photo's in the fleeting light.
I turned one of my backplates into a ring. At the last minute it just looked better that way. A finger garden.
As usual I will list as soon as I have a chance to photograph.
Have a wonderful Wednesday everybody.
You can click the pictures up to two times to enlarge.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Morning Close ups

Yesterday I received a handmade collage in the form of a card exquisitely made by a certain songbird. This is a ravens nest and in the morning light it looked just like those snippings.

Though not a songbird I see this raven pair almost every morning. The raven is an opportunistic and intelligent scavenger. Marie tells of a couple that live in Alaska and spend all their time on the roof of the Fred Myers waiting for opportunity to knock. She has a cute story involving bologna. I'll let her tell it. So these guys live on the fringe. This morning eating something along the drainage channel. I love their reedy voice especially resinating in the canyon.

The flickers are out. Skittish, a flash of copper is usually all you see.

Interesting pod, as large as your closed fist. Wild cucumber.

Some rodent eats the seeds when they are dry then piles up those deadly looking exoskeletons in great heaps.

The buckwheat heads are looking charming.

Wild fennel seeds, aromatic, smell like black licorice. (oh now I want some black licorice, panda brand, Trader Joes, Yummy :)

Tree tobacco beckons the nectar feeders.

Sumac plumes

Western Christmas tree

Coyote and deer

Banjo's view

Wonderful weeds

Grass lit up

The girl and the dog thank you for joining us on this mornings "joy" Make it a good one "you got the power"

Just so you don't think yesterday was all lattes and movie going (go see Coco Before Channel It was wonderful) Here's what I was doing. I will finish up today with chain and clasp, stone setting, oxidizing and prepare for a couple days away from my studio. If you called dibs on a piece you saw here or if your waiting on an order. Sat is my projected date of listing. However this is not written in stone.
*Great news* The jewelry I was hoping would arrive, "did" arrive at it's appropriate destination. I felt I learned a valuable lesson with only a minor amount of suffering. I will now send anything valued over 100.00 with signature conformation.
I'm now officially out of a hoping pattern. That feels good.