Monday, August 31, 2009

Put a roof on the sides of your head.

The copper I'm using is reclaimed roofing. Who can afford a copper roof I don't know. Who can afford to junk a copper roof is even more confounding. The relative that built my studio reclaimed it from a job and donated it to me.

The leaves were sawed individually with a little hand saw then sanded smooth. I like the copper oxidized like and aged penny.

The wires are sterling. I don't care to wear copper through my ears.

At the end of the day I was as leafed out as a tree.

I'm still finishing these but I will start photoing and listing tomorrow.

Last but not least.......

I want you to meet my new friend Ronnie. (Watch batteries 3.00, Crikey that's cheep)

Ronnie can enlarge my rings for a very reasonable price. He's the man. He works with gold and diamonds and Gallery Darrow rings. he hee

Ronnie is a very good sport when I come clamoring in with my yorkie. Everybody say hi to Ronnie. He and his lovely wife said they would check out my blog.


The biggest fire is reported to have doubled during the night. 140 or so square miles (impossible to fathom) and another one started to the south of us during the evening hours. I can't help but think someone is starting these fires. Very sadly two firefighters lost their lives trying to flee in a truck when the truck careened over the side. The air is thick with smoke today and smells like burning wood. Since my hiking is out of the question I went out and tiptoed through the garden and thought I'd share some of my roses with you.

This is "Starry Night". I am very partial to single petaled roses. Many people come to my garden and ask what they are no being accustomed to seeing only what is known as the classic rose like "American Beauty" In fact the single petal variety date back in history to early China. When you see roses in the wild they are similar to the ones in my garden.

This is "Angel" in a lovely pink. Don't be fooled by her name she has the devilish habit of sending underground runners. A habit I don't care for but she's so cute I let her stay and constantly keep her in check.

Meet "Mutabalis" I think this is my favorite rose though its hard to choose. When the flowers bloom they start off sulfur yellow and as they age they don't fade like most roses they actually turn pink then mauve. At the end of the season this rose towers about 7 feet high and is constantly covered with flowers in three distinct colors. This rose dates back to early China and is also known as the butterfly rose. With its open habit the petals flicker in the breeze. She's tough as nails and like most early roses she's quite disease resistant.

Being an organic gardener I go with the phrase "the right plant for the right spot" If I haven't made a wise choice or the plant is too fussy. No spray or chemical is used. I replace it with something more suitable.

This is "Lyda Rose" She blooms in big sprays like a hydrangea. The blooms remind me of apple blossoms. She is planted in memory of my father.

Today is the first day of school around here so the children and teachers will be filed back in their cubbies. I'll be in my studio making stuff. I have no sheet silver left to back stones and I'm waiting for the mailman to bring me some. In the meantime it's like cooking when the cupboards are bare an activity I rather like. I like the challenge. I'm enjoying my rendezvous with copper.
Have a wonderful smoke free day!

*One more thing. I love this *SHOP* and have to refrain from wallpapering my studio in these prints.........or maybe?................

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fire Pic's

This picture was taken before the sun was setting. The fire burns in the opposite direction from where we live. The white billow is smoke.

These were taken as the sun began to set.

The weather at night is in the mid 90's, misery for the poor men that have to fight these fires.

Breathing a pack a day

The fire I showed on my blog the other day and the one closest to us is fully contained and nearly out but that's not the end of it. When I get up I go outside and check out the conditions. Yuck! This is a new fire raging with 5% containment. It doesn't threaten us and is quite a few miles away burning in the opposite direction. This is all smoke so no hiking today either. I'm taking another "snow" day. Just gonna hunker inside and make stuff.

I had so much fun yesterday exploring these designs that I think I'll expound on the same theme today and see where it takes me. It's much easier to photograph them before the silver is bent and tempered into hooks.

I'm not whining about the weather and I feel sorry for all those that are affected by these fires. Plant, animal, human. (note the order) I just want you to appreciate if you're feeling cool air and breathing smoke free air.

It's so nice to have more blog participants, Songbird, as soon as the skies clear well be hittin' the trail again. Yippie yi O!

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Here it is................drum roll (sound of drums rolling) to enlarge. The number is 81. So Miss Caroline of the prairie is our lovely first place winner and yes Marie is going to Spain on 25.00.

The other whopping three of you (hey it's the quality not the quantity) that played will receive 25 % off your first or next purchase at Gallerydarrow or Edclay on etsy plus free shipping. I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend. I'm headed to the welding shop wanna come?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

100 etsy sales!!!!!!

This is all very exciting because it takes about a year to even get noticed on the site. I used to sign all my convo's Rochelle zero sales. Things have improved immensely on etsy and thank you to all the lovely ladies from the bottom of my heart for your friendship, support, interest and kind words through this past year.

So it's time to celebrate and Eric will be celebrating too because he also made the century mark. Here's what we've come up with..... This is my axe ("Pepto") I bought her used from my vet tech with pink hair :) She's like the ugly dog in the pound with the fantastic personality. The color lowered the price to a level I couldn't refuse also Lisa said take her home try her out. Ok this is one fun bike. The first time I took her in for adjustment the young man said" I remember that bike I got a 12 pack for selling it." Yes I know it's hideous but I've had ugly dogs too:) I could have her painted but the ride wouldn't be any different.

So guess the last two numbers on her registration and who ever comes closest will win.... 1st prize a gift certificate for 50.00 to Gallerydarrow or Edclay good at either or both shops. 2nd prize since there's only two of you (hee he) is a trip to Spain!.....not really it's a 25.00 gift certificate and free shipping.

Ok all the rest of you... this would be a very good time to come out of the woodworks and introduce yourselves.

Come on post your numbers on the blog. Stop being so shy! If you live in Claremont you can redeem it at one of our shows.

*I'll show you the numbers Saturday at noon.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Well I guess it was bound to happen. As we left the house for a walk smoke was billowing out of the mountains. The wind had picked up, no humidity perfect conditions for a disaster.

These guys were on it. Thank goodness. The problem was they had about two and a half hours until it would be dark and they would be grounded.

This was the first unwelcome sight and the reason for hiking the fire roads. It's good to be able to see where your foot is coming down. This is the biggest rattler I've ever seen. It's about four feet long. Although rattlesnakes are not aggressive they still creep me out. It is said that they don't want to waste their venom on anything they cant swallow. My dogs have sometimes stepped over them and they don't move.

The most likely time to see them is in the evening when they bask on the warm trail or road.

The tarantulas were out in droves. I passed too many to count.

As we hiked through the mass tarantula migration three deer were clamoring on the trail. headed straight towards us. That is til they saw us!

It was getting dark and we had experienced enough. The fire was chugging away. Time to go home.


I've made a gagillion earrings in my jewelry career but I don't put many on etsy. There's millions of earrings offered there some for 3.00 forget it. At my shows I sell a ton of earrings but with etsy.....

Well any way I made some of these which I called "Coyote" and they went pretty fast and I forgot about them til a nice woman came to my shop and asked me to make her a pair so here's what I did today.My pieces are made from sheet and wire I do all the fabrication. The briolettes are turquoise. These are old stamps I acquired they're from the 1800's and I love them. They were used either by a blacksmith or a button maker and look at how hard some of them were struck.

Some of the stamps I bought are too worn to use. My favorite is the grassy one in the first picture. It also strikes very nicely.

I'm going to head for the post office then take myself for a walk. Have a good evening all. I will either get these up in my shop tomorrow evening or on Thursday.

I Blew My Brains Out

What I mean by this is... Well sometimes the events of the day can get pretty boggy. We say "it was one of those days" Well yesterday just gelled that way but I have the cure. The medicine to clear out my head and start anew is to walk it off. So we drove up the mountain and out to poodle tree point (not the real name) and started to hike. When I saw this..... come on no one could feel bad while looking at this corny sculpture.

Then the rattlesnake track.

Ok now we're just having fun. Sr Rodgers and I will build a mountain for you.

Out of focus but a welcome sight because the tarantula signals the season change. I'm ready for fall.

The sun was getting low.

Moon is out


Back to the truck. See the poodle tree. Now I'm feeling fine. Just blew it all out. I can't even remember the days events. Oh and I scrubbed my studio and will be making coyote earrings today. I hope your day shapes up to be a fine one but if it doesn't go as planned you know what the prescription is, go take the drug:)

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Little Top

Beneath what I refer to as a "California cloud" They're like movie props just there to dress up the sky a bit. As suddenly as they appear.... poof they're gone.

There was a three ring circus going on.....

A large juicy turquoise stone. "Summer of Love" ring. A hidden peace sign resting against your skin. Flowers in your hair?

This is an amazing plume agate. Look what broils under glass. "Tufa" click the name if you're unfamiliar I Wiki'd it for you. Mono Lake is an amazing place with a bounty of tufa.

Last but not least a sweet botanical statement. Little "Bloom" ring in copper and sterling. I'll be listing these in my shop sometime today.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Yesterday morning we awoke to thick clouds and heavy air. We could see it was raining on yonder hills however we never experienced any. Any variation to the weather is fine by me. This time of year I couldn't be more sick of the sun. I think I'm a sun hater period. I was accompanied on my hike by Mr. Darrow, my sweetie who is a self described night owl. It was a big sacrifice for him to leave the comfort of the early morning bed an hit the trail with me. I appreciated his company.

This time of year the Acorn Woodpeckers are busily storing their acorns in the snags and any dead wood they can find,telephone poles included. They drill the holes with their beak then implant the hole with an acorn reserved for later. All the while doing this they chortle and laugh. They like to gather in little groups. They always seem to be having such fun. There appearance is comical as well. To hear their voice press HERE then scroll down.

I rode my mountain bike this morning which leaves me feeling a bit guilty because Banjo had to stay behind. She is a tracker nose always to the ground. Though she is trained to heel I let her walk on an extended leash while hiking she doesn't pull but you can tell by the tension on the leash how long ago something or someone has been there before you. I look at the tracks and I know the history of the trail instantly.

I completed a set of wedding bands yesterday. It's always a privilege to have my work chosen for such a symbolic gesture.
I hope all you lovely chicas are enjoying your weekend.