Friday, July 31, 2009


I went to a fiends house for dinner and came home with a new garden hat. Like Caroline says "it's better than a crystal tiara". My boys come home from their fishing trip today. I'll be headed to Trader Joes for groceries. No more slackin'. I don't think men can be sustained on tomatoes and cucumbers.
The morning is cool and dewey just like yesterday, lovely.
Lastly a big thank you to all who have purchased my work and have sent me sweet notes. I appreciate all that spend a little time to read my blog posts and a special shout out to all who have taken the time to post a little comment just to let me know you stopped in.
I hope you all have a supercalafragelistic day and an even better weekend.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Finally a break in the weather. It's cool and moist. The ocean has extended her arms out to our valley and spread out her cool fingers and open palms blocking the scorching rays leaving a cool mist. THIS is how it feels

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thing One & Thing Two

This might be an acquired taste but when you handle a lot of dogs you become less judgmental. Awwwwww don't they look like little Poke man? They are Japanese Chen dog sisters. They have fancy names I've never learned. I've always called them Thing One and Thing Two.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Work

I was feeling a bit gardeney this week even though its so hot I'm surprised the tomatoes aren't roasting themselves. I was able to complete three necklaces. Tomorrow is my dog grooming day so I plan on listing them on Thursday. I also promised I'd try my hardest to get a picture of the dogs I call thing one and thing two. Be prepared for cuteness. The rock in the picture is a nice piece of lapis I found in the stream that had been spat out of the mountain. I think it's going to produce some nice cabs.


Just a few snaps from a special walk this morning communing with a friend who is dealing with the cobwebs of sadness. Fractured sentences and thoughts. The great distraction of simple nuances. Silly tracks in dust or the way the light catches the dry grass hulls. My pockets are full with the beauty of friendship, sadness, laughter and the restorative effects of nature.

*I'm off to work. I'll have new pieces this evening to show you.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Milkweed is such an amazing family of plants. That it can bloom in the dead of summer when most things are browning down makes it a welcome sight. This plant is the primary host plant for the Monarch Butterfly.

Each year this variety is covered with mating box elder beetles.

This is another variety of milkweed not as showy but look at the marvel in engineering. Much like a Japanese rain chain the leaves are designed to catch any moisture that might be present and funnel it straight down to the roots. Though the leaves are large are a gray blue color which is less heat absorbing with little white hairs each intended to cast a little shadow creating shade in order to keep the leaf cool.
You may not be a plant nerd like me but you have to appreciate that.

So yes I had another lovely wander this morning but I'm spending today and tomorrow in my studio and I'm excited with my new designs so keep me posted and I'll keep you posted. I just finished a necklace with another piece of local California lapis. I'm in a gardeny floral mood so stay tuned........................

Scratch and Sniff

I spent a good deal of yesterday morning making roasted tomato sauce. Oh man I wish you were here to smell. Roast tomato onion and garlic all garden fresh in olive oil whop it in the food processor. Freeze in batches when you thaw add fresh herbs salt pepper to taste. Lovely on crusty bread or pasta.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Well I set the yorkies on my bench to teach them the basics. I thought they could be of some help. Obviously it wasn't their thing. After 20 minutes they started to nod off.

This is my little studio. It's called "The Tumbleweed" The outside wood (siding) is Cedar brought down from Oregon. Cousin Paul built her for me. She's insulated to the max and includes air conditioning and heat. What better place to spend the day but smack dab in the middle of the garden. The goldfinches are feeding heavily on the sunflowers and lizards flank the big rocks on my walkway.

I listed this beauty yesterday. Some days when I go out to work I just make elements like leaves and flowers.I put these in what I call my "compost heap" I then arrange my silver with a desired stone as one would go about flower arranging or collage work. I wanted to see if I could make the silver look like wood branches and I'm relly proud of the result. It reminds me of the art of faux bois which means fake wood. Look for more pieces using this technique.

Saturday, July 25, 2009



stately oak

hummingbird tree

Pearly Everlasting, dry now when it's fresh it has an amazing citrus scent

Prickly pear showing some love. Brooch?

I hope you all have a lovely Saturday and are able to fill the pockets of your mind with the joy and beauty of natures gifts. Even a tenacious blade of grass growing through a crack in the pavement becomes sculpture when the sun causes a long shadow.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Breakfast Lunch & Dinner

Oh yeah

Rustic olive bread, fressshhh garden tomatoes, cracked pepper, drizzle of olive oil, basil.

Gardening is not for the faint of heart. Where are those chickens Caroline?

* adorable lunch plate and colanders are the work of my husband Eric's shop is currently on vacation mode. open in two weeks.

Dog Beach

This is the spot in our living room also known as dog beach for obvious reasons. Dogs come and go but this is the #1 early morning spot for all of them. This time of year the outside blinds are down to shade the glass. Our extra dog right now is Jack the Yorkie. Though he's not stayed with us for some time he still was able to locate his favorite toy. "The possum"

I hope to get this ring listed in my shop today. The stone is a very unique lapis that comes from our local San Gabriel Mountains. Most lapis now is mined in Afghanistan. It is also found in South America. I am lucky enough to know Patrick who mines this rare stone practically in my backyard. Hauls it out in a backpack cuts and polishes it and sells it to me. The stone in this ring is a magnificent blue. The color of a high altitude sky.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Morning Glory

The Yucca grows hearts

Pal O' mine snuffling deer tracks

Scowling Red Tail

Stand of White Sage


Little Tananger trying it's best to blend in

The cactus and agave are exotic (non native) I always love this little grouping though. I imagine a miner cooking coffee with his burro close by.

Throw another Volkswagon on the fire for me.

Shop update later today........Two new rings and two necklaces.

*note.....My husbands shoppe is closed for two weeks. Gone Fishin"

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ok I promised cute pic's but it proved to be harder than I thought. These little dogs sit like angels for grooming but become a directors nightmare once the camera comes out. The lighting is florescent ( blah). It gives you some Idea though. The shop is officially closed the day I'm there but the phone rings off the hook and the counter is always busy so I go home pretty tired.

This is what I got a lot of.......................

Star was happy to sit. Everybody meet Star she's a scary pit bull. shhhhhhh Don't tell anyone she's terrified of cats.

This is Penny she is very special to us. When her owner travels she comes over and sits in my studio with Marty while I work. I teach silversmithing to yorkies.

Meet Darby he's a lovely Westhighland Terrier who's wondering why I'm pointing my camera at him he's much cuter in real life. He loves to come and pushes through the door. I should serve cocktails.

This is Bella big sister to Beezer. Beezers first sister was a very sweet Yorkie named Harley that was stung by a bee and went into anaphylactic shock. Beezer was the follower and was lost without a guide. Bella was rescued from a local shelter and slipped into the role almost instantaneously. These two are inseparable.

This is a terrible picture of Beezer but I wanted you to see him. He was getting de bristled today.

Lastly is a picture of Holly she's only 8 mos. old but stands like a pro for grooming. She's a Maltese / Shih Tzu mix.

Next week I'll try and get pictures of the dogs I call thing one and thing two. You'll see why................................