Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dog Whispering

I'm whispering to dogs today, goes something like this... Pssssst, hey,don't pee in here.
Have a good day everybody!
P.S. Tip your dog groomer she cleans up your dogs poo and pee and still loves them.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


After I finished my work last night my son and I worked on this. Getting everything to balance was a challenge but we did it and both learned a lot. It was fun collaborating.

We woke up early before dawn. Ohhh "finally" cooler. We hit the trail with a lovely mist in the air. Clouds from the coast made their way over.

Bears are out.


As we walked up we were soon above the clouds.

Rustic ikebana

Under the mistletoe (sculpture) . Burnt out it resembles wirework.

We descended back into the dewey, lovely mist.

Pockets filled with lovely morning thoughts, scents, mementos....

*********************************************************************************************************************************** THEN! there's this.

PLEASE don't ever everevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevervever buy this! I see them everywhere. A puff of helium escapes into the atmosphere and this is left to *never* degrade. Buy flowers, not balloons flowers can be chucked into the compost heap.

Have a "cool" day everybody!

Monday, September 28, 2009


This is funny. So here's the necklace I wanted to show you. I love it. It turned out exactly as I had imagined..... well actually better. (once you add the oxidation and finish it, wow it really pops!)

So I was out in my studio minding my own business.

Ohhh landscape....the desert and sky, ocean and dunes, prairie grasses?

So Mr. Darrow has been working also in his studio on a special order. Our studio's are on opposite sides of the house. What!!!!! look at the glaze!

This piece was an order for a young couple getting married. Are you kidding? We met in the house. "Look what I made today." and "Look what I made today" Hey!

I won't be offering this necklace on etsy. The stone has a very small pit that I didn't notice til I set it. I love this piece and I put a ton of work into it. I will sell it at a show where it can be viewed in person. I don't mind a little flaw. It has nothing to do with the integrity of the stone.
psssttttttt. sometimes eric and i dress alike. we do a check before leaving the house. we've been together a long time :D

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Why do I work so much? Because I love it. The ideas come much faster than I can ever translate them to metal. Out of the blue I'll make a quick sketch or write a verse down. I rarely go start to finish on one piece. I have crafting a.d.h.d.
A fantastic robins egg American turquoise stone. With a robins feather. Reflected from a puddle? a dream? a surreal painting? Mr. Rene Magritte did cross my brain wave. The bowler hat and apple.

Here's a lichen colored stone(ocean jasper) in a little forest floor still life. I LOVE still life's and so do you. The way your cat sits on the window ledge with the bouquet of wildflowers you arranged and a rock or two you wanted to enjoy on a daily basis. Instant still life. Click!

Here's a little piece I put together for my nieces 16 th birthday.

Whom ever put together the phrase "sweet 16" was certainly, a) delusional, b) never had kids or c) the worlds biggest optimist.
She's a wonderful sweet girl don't get me wrong but I don't have to live in the same house either.

This is an off etsy order for a friend who's gifting it to a family member. A little charm necklace. A little homage to her children complete with birthstones. A girl and a boy.

The mister joined me on an early hike. Though unproductive not even able to produce shade the clouds made a pretty statement.
Sunday breakfast complete with eggs biscuit and fruit and I'm off........ I'm working on a really cool necklace I'll show it to you later. have a great day everyone.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Sorry to be so "cute" lately but shee houdy this baby has moves! I'm not much for pop music but I'm admitting to really liking this song. I dare you to not shake your own booty when you hear "THIS".

Friday, September 25, 2009

It's Fiday!

Happy Friday all. I got out this morning while it was still dark and somewhat cool. I whisked by and picked up Mary who is one of the great non sleepers. We got a start on the morning *early* but the blazing sun wasn't far behind.

All the creatures weren't stirring (too hot) But this eucalyptus was doing it's morning yoga practice. "Standing tree pose"

Design inspiration is everywhere, just gotta keep your eyes open.

color, texture....yin,, white

The kestrel is such a shy bird I have never gotten a picture til today.

Have a great day my lovely peeps. I'm headed for a busy one. I have orders on and off etsy. Birthday gift to make. Post Office (yuck) and visit Ronnie for expert sizing. Thanks again for your interest in my work and joining me on this adventure.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Well summer is never gonna take a hint around here and we will have triple digit heat as far as the forecast can see. To all of you that measure heat in different ways let me just say it's bloody hot. I was trying to think of a glass half full thought about this and I went out to the vegetable garden.................

tomatoes and tomatillos ohhh yummy!

How high? He was watching. psssssst, Mr Hawk squirrels that a way.

I'm off to the post office *without* my yorkie. The mean man behind the counter that hates his life told me I could no longer bring him. Mind you he's in my arms. Some people bring joy. Some just drag a black cloud with them.
Have a great day yall' ,spread some joy. You have the power.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How cute is this?

Click *this*then be prepared for "EXTREME" cute! I'm workin' I bet you are too.

More Dog Stuff

Went on a short hike up a steep hill this morning to wake up and get the juices flowing. Oh wait! who's this?

Girl and her dog and a half. My yorkie never wants to go hiking. He must have thought it was dog grooming day he *loves* that outing. He was panting so hard I slung him over my little pack on the way so he could rest. It's hot already and the winds are going to kick up tonight. The fire is still not contained.

The sweet little goldfinches were cleaning the Canyon Sunflowers of every last seed.

Remember this?

I sold this sweet bulldog ring yesterday to a very special woman In Texas. To my surprise Renee joined etsy just to own this jewel and sent me some pictures of *her* new jewel.

Meet Marie (sorry Marie the human being. I groomed an Afghan Hound named "Rochelle" once, and poor Susie let's not even start)

Little French Bulldog puppy ohhhh aint she sweet!

This is the only way to loose that perpetual frown. A frown turned upside down.
Renee was my business partner for over twenty years. She packed it all up and moved out to Texas and started a high end dog boarding facility. click here and check out " Lone Star Dog Ranch". Renee was just back for a visit and it was fun to see her and Kirk.

Monday, September 21, 2009


It's finally cool enough to go outside an do a little gardening and that's just where I'm headed. I finished a couple sunsets today and a little squash necklace and I wanted to show them to you.

Australia script stone. Raven feather.

I lost my light so the pictures aren't top quality. Mookaite is the stone from Australia. Acorn woodpecker feather.

An Enduring Legacy

This is our little museum it's only three years old. We have a lot of art museums in our town but the others are all associated with the colleges. Claremont was once known as an art community then a bunch of *other* people moved in. The current show depicts the museums own collection. Some of the artists are local icons. Others are famous worldwide. Almost all were college professors.
The building is a restored citrus packing house before our area was packed with people it was known for it's colleges and citrus industry. Our town was full of lemon groves.

Here are some not so great pictures of my father in law Paul Darrow's collage art. Paul was a college professor at Scripps. His work includes drawing, painting, printmaking and of course collage. Paul lives in Laguna Beach and still works on art projects every day as well as journaling. He'll be 88 in Oct.

Pottery sculpture by Bennett Bean.

Huge and wonderful drawing. I don't recall the artist but eeeeee gads. I love it!

Sam Maloof was a local and worldwide iconic master woodworker who passed away this year. Jimmy Carter a carpenter himself was one of Sam's good friends and an avid collector.

Paintings, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, it was a walk down memory lane,very sweet.

Since we talked about the work of Susan Hertel and I was armed with my camera I took a couple pictures of a little mural in the bank drive though. (not the best lighting) The huge mural is on the side of the bank and I didn't want to get run over. So here's a sampling. The mural was designed by Sue and Dennis O'Connor was the mosaic genus. Both deceased now but talk about a legacy. Their work stands proud all over the continent. This one depicts our area when the Native Americans were the land stewards. Note the yucca.

Songbird asked if I owned the Hertel books and yes I do, here is a poem...

.......Inner hollow
Fill with truth
In silence
the animals
Their bodies
and anywhere
I touch them
There is god.

Have a good day I'll check in later. I, I, I,got work to do. IIIIIII gotta gig. (in my studio)

Sunday, September 20, 2009


We've attended quite a few art openings lately. Last night we went to two and one today. The first opening we attended was for a friends mother who passed away a few years ago. Her work is so beautiful. All of you would love it. Her passion was horses but she loved all nature and was also a wonderful writer. Much of her work was designing mosaic murals for public buildings such as banks. One was a fantastic barrel racing and rodeo scene for a bank in Texas. Another was for Ringling Bros. in Florida and so on. The show contained the original paintings for the mosaics. They were amazing. If I was together I would have copied a link I'm sure she's on the net somewhere. Just google Susan Hertel. I was introduced to the gallery owner who told me he was of Syrian decent and the custom there is to take a tree filled with evil eyes through the towns to ward off bad stuff so we were instant pals with my new ring and all :) I didn't get the tree part. I was thinking a big head would be better.

The second place we went was an art walk where my nice lives. All of the lofts are open for you to weave in and out. Look at the art, chat, snack (see picture above) My son Bryce had his paintings displayed. Bryce is a talented fine artist and a musician or as my husband says "he's got the curse"

Bryce outside with my nephew, Silas.

Well I've been having fun (working) out in my studio. I made baseplates for Four rings (orders) and two necklaces. I loved the last two I designed with suspended leaves so I made some feathers to dangle. Two are raven feathers, one is an owl feather and one a woodpecker.
I hope your all filling your Sundays with a bit of joyfulness. I'm off to the local museum to check things out.