Sunday, April 6, 2014

Greetings From Mrs. Crowhouse

I've been on the fast track as of late, I have so many things to do I'm afraid if I don't keep treading water I might sink but today is the day for catching up. Yesterday a friend surprised me and stopped by my studio and I was so engrossed in work, the place a horrid mess, I felt like a feral dog chewing on a bone, surprised by a sudden well intended passer by. That was the look on my face I'm sure :)  I'm starting to think about my upcoming show and I spent a good long time ordering metal supplies, I can put that task off forever, all those tiny bits, blecch, not fun but got it done. I've been meaning to share this gorgeous poem with those of you still waiting for spring, I fell in love with it and I wanted you to read it too, in case you hadn't…..

Dance like a jackrabbit
in the dunegrass, dance
not for release, no
the ice holds hard but
for the promise.Yesterday
the chickadees sang fever,
fever, the mating song.
You can still cross ponds
leaving tracks in the snow
over sleeping fish
but in the marsh, the red
maples look red
again, their buds swelling.
Just one week ago a blizzard
roared for two days,
Ice weeps in the road.
Yet spring hides
in the snow. On the south
wall of the house
the first sharp crown
of crocus sticks out.
Spring lurks inside the hard
casing, and the bud
begins to crack. What seems 
dead pares its hunger
sharp and stirs groaning.
If we have not stopped
wanting in the long dark, 
we will grasp our desires
soon by the nape.
Inside the fallen brown
apple the seed is alive.
Freeze and thaw, freeze 
and thaw, the sap leaps
in the maple under the bark
and although they have
pronounced us dead, we
rise again invisibly, 
we rise and the sun sings
in us sweet and smoky
as the blood of the maple
that will open its leaves 
like thousands of waving hands.

The inside chance
Marge Piercy
Circles on the Water

This is completely unrelated but I had never heard of Sam Smith before last week when I heard him on SNL. Oh my goodness, when art is authentic it can really bring you to your knees. The world would certainly be a lesser place without good art so I guess that's how these two things are bound. Take a listen. Sorry about the ad, and I don't know how to imbed (smile) but this version of the song is worth the effort… it makes me cry.

When I was a kid in Michigan we had one old house in our subdivision with an equally old woman inhabitant. We though she was scary because the crows always gathered in her large yard and when I think back of course they would she had the best trees and a two story house compared to our boring little trackers with little staked treelings. My brother and I would walk down the street toward the lake and always cross the street and run past the Crow House afraid she was looking at us from the top story window waiting to snatch us or cast a spell. These were the Hitchcock days!

Wishing you all the best, xoxo CroW

Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Happy Ending

When we hear that a bird has hit the window we immediately check to see if it's down. If it is we keep it warm and alert, we have had very few fatalities by doing this even fishing one out of the pond that was nearly dead. Today an Allen's Hummingbird in the potters hands.


Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Friday!!!

A little sneak peek on what I've been working on… 
Sometimes I find myself riding old familiar currents and I feel compelled to build these pretty Catholic pieces then I realize we are in the Lenten season. I want to build more so I won't be listing them until next week. Each piece is very involved, note four layers of silver. I'm really enjoying their company and plan to sit with them and use them to influence the next. When I was little I would sit in church  my mind was always adrift and I would become lost in the art, the statuary , the designs on the robes while the priest carried on in Latin. Just like a lot Catholic art these bear very strong Spanish influences and since he Native Americans learned their silver work from the Mexicans they also have a Native American feel. These I have been intentionally disguised as arrowheads.

That's what I'm doing but I just wanted to pause and wish all of you a most glorious weekend!!

ox Ro

Thursday, March 20, 2014


**Kristelle Hillstrom is the winner!**

Oh boy that took some doing….262 entries were numbered and copied into a random calculator, the number it drew was #132 Kristelle Hillsrom.
Thank you all for participating and sharing! 
Happy spring everybody!

xo Ro
* Please contact me through etsy Kristelle with your information so I can send a pretty dove to you.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Giveaway Time

You can enter to win here but you can get 3 chances if you share on Facebook…..

I get it if you don't want a FB account but as a seller it has been terrific for me and I thank all of you that followed me there.

I also don't have a personal account on FB and I feel a little bad, snooty about not commenting on your accounts but I do go there when I have time to see what your up to.

Just so you know I still have a flip phone and so does Jay Leno but look what happened to him….still I know how these things change your life so for now, I'm still going to enjoy being present when I walk away from this here box :)

Just post a little comment and I'll add you to the drawing.

Happy spring lovely dovlies! xo Ro

Friday, March 14, 2014

Hashtag, Spring, Hashtag, Pretty, Hashtag Birds, Hashtag Flowers, Hashtag Banjo

When I'm not working I like to kick it in the hills, I like to go out and look around, see what's happening. Spring is happening here and it's beautiful, inspiring.

# native lilac or ceanothus

Big Leaf Maple like an umbrella for the catkins.

#"catkins" is a  #rather adorable word.

Here's why I like this picture so much. The warbler looks two dimensional  like a collage in the beautifully lit leaves but the best part is his sillouette portrait to the left, cut into the leaf, can you see it?

# where's Waldo?

Whomever named this beauty Indian Paintbrush deserves an award. It does look like the end of the plant is dipped in crimson paint.

# Native American art supplies

I've been watching the nesting ravens, this pair is hight tech.

# no sway lodging


Deer in the pretty morning light.

# no bucks

I never pick them, wildflowers that is, they don't belong to me, I like to enjoy them right where they are.

#hands off

The little goldfinch is eating the willow fluff!

# cotton mouth 

Two years ago this nest was taken over by owls, the past two years hawks have nested here. See her between the forked branch sitting on eggs.

# hawks, # winning

Pretty don't you think, I think so too but these are not berries, they are galls from the sawfly on and in the leaves.

#cool plant fact

Banjo has a new friend, Bella, she met her in the One Set of White Eyelashes Club.

#friends #good times # lets shop for clothes# club members

Have a good weekend all, I remember in the old days when # meant pound or number or even sharp in the music scale.

I'm not the only one that finds this funny, check it out.. # Jimmy # Justin.

xo Ro, Jo and Bella

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Jewelry Preview

I wanted to show you the two pieces I just finished, these are going to etsy later tomorrow but they can be reserved now. I like this format as a preview since there is a lot of expelling about the second piece. I also think the quality of the pictures is better here than on Facebook. I finished the heron I showed you earlier. I made a charm style pendant with plenty of interesting bits and pieces.

Since it is nesting season, I made a he and a she. The heart stone is a moss agate, the larger heron stands on a very blue labradorite.

The clasp is intended to be worn in the front, it has a blue labradorite briolette for fun. This one is called "The Heron Pair "


I must confess when I watch Downton Abbey I'm always jealous of the jewelry. I have said to my husband more than once that I wish I could make the jewelry for the show. I love Edwardian era jewelry so I made this piece with that era in mind, only with a modern spin. I became really involved in the joinery of this piece, I love dreaming up joinery.  The bar with the twist is based on a skeleton key, only to evoke the feel, not to make an actual key. A crashing wave in this pretty stone, sloshing while you walk….. but wait there's so much more...

The stone, a horse canyon agate has a small pocket of druzy crystals and I remember when I found the stone I thought of a small cloud above the waves. I cut a circle in the back, sun or moon… but it's a bit of trickery to look at a stone like this with no back because your body will be behind it so it won't  necessarily look like this when it's worn but……………...

 look it takes on all kinds of different appearances deepening on what you wear.

There's a heron and moon on the back….

and it's really long with a prism brio like a ships prism or a lighthouse bulb, see it up there.

You can slip it over your head, it has no clasp..

See the moon..

Unconventional I know but who want's to be conventional anyway?

Thanks for visiting..xo Ro